[kea-dev] Hardware ID as classification

Duane Zimmer Duane.Zimmer at yourlinkinc.net
Tue Jun 21 20:31:56 UTC 2016

No worries, but I still get an invalid expression.  I don't have to write a custom hook for this?  I'm also using Centos 6.7 if that makes any difference.

ERROR [kea-dhcp4.dhcp4/871] DHCP4_INIT_FAIL failed to initialize Kea server: configuration error using file '/usr/local/etc/kea/kea.conf': expression: [substring(pkt4.mac,0,3)==0x0a030e] error: <string>:1.11: Invalid character: p at (/usr/local/etc/kea/kea.conf:27:15)


  "client-classes": [
    { "name": "Equipment",
      "test": "substring(pkt4.mac,0,3)==0x0a030e"

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Oops, pkt4.mac (vs pkt4.chaddr). I should have read the unit test code (vs the include) as I was my first intention.
I apologize.

Francis Dupont <fdupont at isc.org>

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