[kea-dev] KEA performance and hook framework

Francis Dupont fdupont at isc.org
Mon Mar 14 13:57:00 UTC 2016

> It seems KEA is a single threaded UDP server using blocking sockets

=> it uses not-blocking sockets but is single threaded so it doesn't
change something for your problem.

If I understand well this problem you have a high latency backend
called via hooks. I suppose your backend supports many simultaneous
calls so IMHO you need to split the load over several kea servers
and rely on the backend for the coherency (BTW it will be better than
a multi-threaded server according to my experience of parallel and
multi-thread applications). DHCP is a stateless protocol so any
load balancer could be able to do the job. And Kea has a -p port
command line option.

To summary I assume your backend has enough throuput and suggest
a multi-process (eventually a multi-machine) service, so the performance
limit will be the backend one.


Francis Dupont <fdupont at isc.org>

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