[kea-dev] WARRING: Reconfigure KEA

le trung trunglv2 at vnpt-technology.vn
Wed Mar 29 04:07:13 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,


I have installed kea-dhcp opensource for providing IP to network device in the my company.

Kea is work very good with : total of device < 800k device . But when total of device reaches 1M  device , kea seems has a problem:

-          When so many request come to KEA ( 400 rqs/s )  ( exceed request that KEA can process , results of  my load testing for my server is 248 rqs/s). So when KEA sent OFFER(type 2) message to client  >>>  Client : sent ACK ( type 5) to KEA server.  but  KEA is processing other request (type 2) ( full 248 rqs/s) so  KEA can not more received  request  ACK ( type 5). ==è client received IP after  many time sent offer ( affer client sent discover 30 minute or later)

So I have ideal :  How to configure KEA to process 248 rqs ( offer message )  and drop offer message  come late ( after request 248). Then completed processing total these 248 requests , KEA continutes receive and process the other 248 requests. That mean, Each time KEA just process 248 offer message and drop other reques come.


Thank you,


Trung Le

Trung tâm Giải pháp và Phát triển phần mềm – SSDC


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