[kea-dev] Is it possible for hooks to hande server shutdown?

Dave Cole davecole at nbnco.com.au
Tue Oct 3 21:55:30 UTC 2017

> From: Baptiste Jonglez <baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org>
> On 03-10-17, Dave Cole wrote:
> > I am not seeing the unload hook point being called on server shutdown.  That was what I was hoping would happen, but I see no evidence of that.
> Hmm, ok, I never needed this hook point.  Are you sure you defined it with
> the right type, wrapped in an extern "C", etc, as in the example here?
>    https://jenkins.isc.org/job/Kea_doc/doxygen/df/d46/hooksdgDevelopersGuide.html#hooksdgLoadUnloadFunctions

The load and unload points are in the same file wrapped in the same extern "C". 

In my in-expect browsing of the code I could not see any way that the unload hook was being called on server exit.  I was just hoping someone with a clue would confirm that for me, and maybe suggest a way to achieve the same effect.

Using onexit is not going to work since a hook reload would almost certainly cause a segfault during server exit.

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