[kea-dev] Adding multiple statistic functionality to Kea

Sauradeep Chakraborty saura.chak at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 22:20:02 UTC 2018

Hi, I am Saura, a GSoC '18 participant working to improve the statistic
functionality of Kea.
Here's my GSoC proposal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/

One of the first things that I need to do is to add multiple statistic
functionality to Kea.

Going over the code in observation.cc in the stats library of the Kea
repository I could see there were two easy approaches to adding this

One way would be to use constructor functions during input which support
default values if the user doesn't specify the number of samples or the age
of samples.

The other way is to ask the user during input for the type of input they
want, ie, whether they want to receive n statistics, statistics that are n
seconds old or just a single statistic.

Both approaches have their strengths and shortcomings. I would like to know
what the development team suggests for this problem. Any suggestions,
thoughts or comments are welcome. Even ideas for different ways to tackle
the issue are greatly appreciated.

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