[kea-dev] jenkins access

Tomek Mrugalski tomasz at isc.org
Fri Jul 12 13:50:18 UTC 2019

Apologies for late response. I returned from a 2 weeks long trip and
digging through my e-mails backlog.

On 29/06/2019 17:23, Dr. Benjamin S. Scarlet wrote:
> For me, as an anonymous user, parts of the kea jenkins are password
> protected. Should they be? (I'd like to be able to compare my build
> results with those on jenkins to figure out if problems I'm having are
> local or not).
Yes. For a long time the whole jenkins was internal only. We try to run
Kea project in as transparent way as possible, but there are some
things that are and will remain unavailable for technical and business
reasons. Here's a couple of them:

1. We develop ISC Forge, a conformance testing environment along with
Kea. It is being frequently updated and this affects pass-rate. Without
participating in our internal daily discussions, it may be confusing why
certain tests changed their outcome or whether the failures are really
Kea issues or known tests problems that we haven't fixed yet.

2. Kea is code very defensively. It's unlikely, but possible that we may
experience a security issue. When we come up with a proposed fix, it
will be tested on Jenkins. Obviously, the tests must not be available to
general public before the fix is.

3. We use Jenkins to build premium/subscription only packages. The
packages being tested are not open source, so they shouldn't be
accessible to general public.

Having said that, the one you asked about below (kea-master) should be

> If I follow the link in the contributors guide to
> https://jenkins.isc.org/
> I can see that part, but from there I can't get very far. If I try
> looking into the "kea-master" job, I go to
> https://jenkins.isc.org/job/kea-master/
> but am immediately redirected to
> https://jenkins.isc.org/login?from=%2Fjob%2Fkea-master%2F
> for which I don't know any credentials.
I'll ask our QA team to make this job and couple others public.

> Interestingly, the same is not true for all jenkins jobs. If I instead
> try looking into the "kea-master-clang-static-analyser" job, I go to
> https://jenkins.isc.org/job/kea-master-clang-static-analyzer/
> but from there do not get redirected to the login page.

> How (if at all) might I get read access?
IIRC you are the first person to ask about jenkins access. I suppose
this is something we could arrange for a customer.

Hope that helps,

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