[kea-dev] Hub/Spoke Configuration backend topology

Buclin, Bertrand Bertrand.Buclin at intl.att.com
Thu Jun 17 19:59:54 UTC 2021


I realize that with the configuration backend hook, the database user configured with the hook must have write access to the database to update it (with the remote- operations). But... I'd like to have one server only on which I configure a user that has write access to the database to make config updates, and I have other servers in my network that only read from the configuration database, but never write to it, or even better, that read from a read-only replica of my database.

Is that a viable model with the current (1.8.2) servers?
I realize you can tell me "try it out", but before I spend hours setting up multiple servers, etc..., I thought I'd ask first :) If it is not a supported deployment model, is that something that can be considered?


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