[Kea-users] Hosts reservations config mysql

Marcin Siodelski marcin at isc.org
Mon Apr 11 11:03:31 UTC 2016

Hello Thomas,

How about this:

INSERT INTO hosts(dhcp_identifier, dhcp_identifier_type,
dhcp4_subnet_id, dhcp6_subnet_id, ipv4_address, hostname)
VALUES (UNHEX("010203040506"), 0, 1, 2, INET_ATON(''),

where "010203040506" represents a MAC address by which you want to
identify the host.

Also, please note that the dhcp4_subnet_id is a DHCPv4 subnet identifier
where the host belongs. This identifier can be explicitly assigned to a
subnet where the host is connected through the Kea configuration file.
If the identifier is not explicitly assigned to the subnet, it will be
auto-generated, in which case it may cause the troubles with matching
hosts in the database with a database.

You may also consult the

Marcin Siodelski

On 11.04.2016 11:06, Thomas Andersen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a bit of a problem with the host reservations in mysql. The lease
> ‘file’ is already in mysql, so that part do work.
> I can see from the log that is actually do connect to the DB
> 2016-04-11 10:59:24.028 INFO  [kea-dhcp4.dhcpsrv/30140]
> DHCPSRV_MYSQL_HOST_DB opening MySQL hosts database: host=mysql
> name=keadhcp password=***** type=mysql universe=4 user=dhcp
> I think that the problem is how I insert the dhcp_identifier (mac address).
> Can anyone send me an example on how to insert this value correct?
> Br,
> Thomas
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