[Kea-users] keactrl: returns 0 when a deamon fails to start

Patrik Lundin patrik at sigterm.se
Thu Apr 21 20:27:53 UTC 2016


I have noticed that keactrl will not notice if a process fails
to start because of a configuration issue (it still returns 0).

Because it takes a while for the process to initialize it is not as easy
as just checking if it is running inside start_server() directly
after executing the binary in question. Are there any ideas how this
might be implemented?

Ideally I would like keactrl to exit 1 if any process fails to start, so
that it is easy to spot an issue when running keactrl from a script. In
my case it makes the rc.d system in OpenBSD report an "ok" status when
trying to start the server even if it eventually fails.

Patrik Lundin

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