[Kea-users] Read only hosts table?

Marcin Siodelski marcin at isc.org
Tue Apr 26 12:19:34 UTC 2016

On 08.04.2016 20:50, Brian Rak wrote:
> I'm attempting to link our existing inventory system to Kea, so that Kea
> will hand out leases based on the IP <-> MAC associations that we
> already know about.
> I tried to set this up by using the 'hosts-database' option, but it
> seems that Kea currently needs write access to that table.  Is that
> correct? Specifically, when it first starts up it tries to prepare an
> insert query, which fails if it doesn't have permissions.
> My plan here was going to be to create a mysql view to map our existing
> data into what Kea expects, but I don't want Kea to try and change things.
> Is there a better way to do this?  We have too many hosts to just
> prepopulate the config file with them.


Thanks for bringing up your problem with the hosts database. You seem to
have a good use case which requires ReadOnly access to the database, and
I also confirmed that Kea configuration falls over when the user only
has ReadOnly privileges granted.

I opened a new Kea ticket to address this issue:


We have to discuss it internally with the team how that fits into our
schedule. However, the 1.1.0 release (on which we're working now) is
aimed at completing the host reservations implementation, so this ticket
seems to belong to this release.

Kind Regards,

Marcin Siodelski

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