[Kea-users] Possible bug (minor)

Jonis Maurin Ceara jonis at fearp.usp.br
Tue Apr 26 13:04:36 UTC 2016

I think it's a typo on error message.... 

"2016-04-26 10:01:33.260 ERROR [kea-dhcp4.dhcp4/916] DHCP4_INIT_FAIL failed to initialize Kea server: configuration error using file '/usr/local/etc/kea/kea.conf': lease database access parameters must include the keyword 'type' to determine type of database to be accessed (/usr/local/etc/kea/kea.conf:57:22)" 

Well, actually the missing 'type' is in 'hosts-database', not 'lease database'. 

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