[Kea-users] mysql connection in hooks

Igor Smitran viruslaki at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 07:55:41 UTC 2016

On 12/06/2016 04:43 PM, Bryan Perry wrote:
> Igor,
> I had to use a MySQL connection with the subnet4_select hook in order 
> to set the correct subnet for host reservations where the DHCP relay 
> server was on a different subnet than the client's reservation. I do 
> not claim to be a guru and it took a LOT of tinkering to get this to 
> work right, but here's how I did it.
> Hope it helps,
> Bryan

Thank you Brian. But, making a database connection is very expensive if 
database connection already exists.
If you need to access database in pkt4_receive then it would be very 
expensive to use database connection for every packet received.
That is why i was asking for a mysql connection pointer few years ago:


But, i am not sure if it's implemented or not. As far as i can see it's not.

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