[Kea-users] KEA 1.1.0 vs. isc-dhcp-server 4.3.3

Ralf Hildebrandt Ralf.Hildebrandt at charite.de
Thu Dec 8 09:12:01 UTC 2016

* SoupNazi izaNpuoS <soupnazi34 at gmail.com>:
> Just a shot in the dark without seeing your configuration or anything, but
> when I had that problem (admittedly it was DHCPv6) Kea was allowing me to
> set impossible lease length values (max lease length or so greater than
> valid lease length).  There is a rather long thread about it in the list
> here - was in November 2016.  If you have different values set for your
> lease lengths - try setting them all the same and see if that helps.

We're using:

	"expired-leases-processing": {
	"reclaim-timer-wait-time": 10,
	"flush-reclaimed-timer-wait-time": 25,
        "hold-reclaimed-time": 3600,
        "max-reclaim-leases": 100,
        "max-reclaim-time": 250,
        "unwarned-reclaim-cycles": 5
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