[Kea-users] Config syntax test option?

Thomas Markwalder tmark at isc.org
Thu Dec 8 19:48:16 UTC 2016

On 12/8/16 2:44 PM, Klaus Steden wrote:
> Hi there,
> Is there a command line option that can be used to validate a
> configuration file without starting the daemon, similar to
> '/usr/sbin/dhcpd -t -cf dhcpd.conf' supported by the older ISC DHCP
> server?
> If not, are there plans to add a feature like this? A few of our
> internal workflows use the config test syntax in CI/CD pipelines to
> deploy server config changes automatically from Git triggers, and I
> would love to be able to automate this approach with our Kea server
> configs, too.
> cheers,
> Klaus
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Yes, we plan to add this in 1.2 due out Spring '17.


Thomas Markwalder

ISC Software Engineering

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