[Kea-users] New plugin: PXE replace

Michael Gugino gugino.michael at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 23 20:39:13 UTC 2016

Hello all,
  I'm new to kea and investigating it for suitability for various projects.  If you have seen Facebook's use case of supplying response parameters from a centralized location is a pretty nice approach and I decided to implement similar functionality utilizing the hooks api.  I'm sharing it here because it looks like the community around kea is still growing, so this implementation might meet someone's needs; also it might serve as a little more in-depth reference for what I believe might be some common tasks for implementing pkt4_send calls.
  What it does:  implement's hook callout for pkt4_send.  Overrides siaddr, tftp-server-name and bootfile-name.  Method of override is an HTTP GET request (via libcurl) to retrieve a JSON body.  JSON is parsed with boost::ptree.  Params are read manually from a JSON config file instead of using module parameters in kea-dhcp4.conf as Ubuntu 16.04 currently ships 1.0.0 and that is my target platform.
  I'm not an expert in C or C++, pull requests and feedback welcome:  https://github.com/michaelgugino/kea-pxe-replace-mod
Michael Gugino
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