[Kea-users] Possible to use host reservations to assign a pool?

mrobti at insiberia.net mrobti at insiberia.net
Sun Nov 6 05:00:32 UTC 2016

I'd like to enumerate hosts in a database backend, assign them a class 
name, then limit their ability to connect to only one pool. Other 
unknown clients should be assigned to another pool in the same subnet.

It looks like the first part might be feasible by entering host 
reservations in the database, assigning each one the correct subnet_id 
and class name (and I'm also assigning hostnames for DDNS).

Then the subnet should get a matching "client-class" (assuming this 
prevents anyone except class members to access this subnet).

Will that work?

What looks to be the problem is that the pool for unknown clients is in 
the same subnet. I assume it is illegal to create multiple subnet4 
listings with the same subnet, even though the pools are different. Yet, 
it doesn't appear that the pools allow "client-class" to be assigned to 
them. Or can the subnet be defined like a range?


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