[Kea-users] kea DHCPv6 and clients not working

SoupNazi izaNpuoS soupnazi34 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 14:47:33 UTC 2016


I am testing kea for DHCPv6 with three test clients.  A windows 10 laptop,
a Linksys router and a D-Link router.  All three of these clients can
receive DHCPv6 addresses + PD (where applicable) from ISC DHCP server.
Only the D-Link can successfully receive DHCPv6 from the kea server.

DHCPv4 portion of the kea server is working fine.

Version: Kea DHCPv6 server version 1.1.0 (installed from EPEL repo on
Centos 7)

It should be noted that there is a Juniper SRX that is the relay agent.

I see the relay-forward and relay-reply messages on the server with
tcpdump.  I see the solicit/advertise messages on the windows 10 client
with Wireshark.  Windows, using ipconfig /renew6 in command prompt, shows
an ultra-informative error:

"An error occurred renewing interface Ethernet : The parameter is incorrect"

and windows 10 assigns no IPv6 address to the interface.  The Linksys
similarly assigns no address but I have no error to show or anything.

I compared the packet capture with the ISC DHCPv6 packet capture and
noticed three differences in the relay-reply:

1) option 3 (identity association for non-temporary address) was listed
first in the packet on the ISC DHCPv6 and was 3rd in the kea packet.

2) option 3 had values of 500 and 400 for T1 and T2 respectively in the Kea
packet and both were 0 in the ISC DHCPv6 relay-reply packet.

3) Kea DHCPv6 packet had option 39 FQDN (requested by client) and the ISC
DHCPv6 packet contained no such option even though requested by the client.

I'm assuming I've missed something in the config that is necessary for 67%
of clients to work :)

Here is the DHCPv6 portion of my config:

        "Dhcp6": {

                "interfaces-config": {

                        "interfaces": [ "enp4s0/2620:0:2e50:e4::226" ]


                "dhcp-ddns": {

                        "enable-updates": false


                "lease-database": {

                        "type": "mysql",

                        "name": "keatest",

                        "host": "localhost",

                        "user": "<hidden>",

                        "password": "<hidden>",

                        "connect-timeout": 3


                "preferred-lifetime": 600,

                "valid-lifetime": 600,

                "renew-timer": 500,

                "rebind-timer": 400,

                "option-data": [{

                        "name": "dns-servers",

                        "code": 23,

                        "space": "dhcp6",

                        "csv-format": true,

                        "data": "2620:0:2e50:a::233, 2620:0:2e50:a::234"


                "subnet6": [{

                        "subnet": "2620:0:2e50:e8::/64",

                        "rapid-commit": true,

                        "pools": [ {


                        } ],

                        "pd-pools": [{

                                "prefix": "2620:0:2e50:f000::",

                                "prefix-len": 52,

                                "delegated-len": 64




Attached is the server side packet capture for Kea DHCPv6 server...  Any
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