[Kea-users] Kea and malformed Vendor Class options

Sutherland, Rob RSutherland at BroadViewNet.com
Tue Nov 8 20:40:40 UTC 2016

I'm currently evaluating Kea and I have noticed that it will not accept packets from devices with a malformed Vendor Class option (option 124). Older Mitel phones  encode this with 4 bytes, not 5.

e.g. newer ("good"): 7c 05 00 00 04 03 00
older ("bad"): 7C 04 00 00 04 0

7C = 124, of course, and "04 03" is 1027, the Mitel enterprise ID.

Any packet with the "bad" form triggers this error message:

2016-11-08 15:32:17.930 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.bad-packets/27557] DHCP4_PACKET_DROP_0001 failed to parse packet from to, received over interace eth1, reason: parsed Vendor Class option data truncated to size 4

Note: yes, "interace". From dhcp4_messages.cc


Thanks in advance,


Rob Sutherland
Senior Software Developer
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p: 613-280-2008 (Canada)
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