[Kea-users] Host reservations in MySQL database

Christian Garling christian.garling at cg-networks.de
Wed Nov 9 18:19:53 UTC 2016


I am setting up KEA as part of a provisioning system. Therefore I want 
to use host reservations with MySQL to realize PXE boot of my machines. 
My dataset consists of:

dhcp_identifier=x'ab12cd34ef56' (MAC address of the system in lower case 
letters withouts colons)
dhcp4_subnet_id='1' (matches my subnet id in kea.conf)
ipv4_address=INET_ATON('') (reserved IP for the host to install)
dhcp4_next_server=INET_ATON('') (IP of my tftp server)
dhcp4_server_hostname=INET_ATON('') (IP of my tftp server 
again -> not sure if its correct)

If the machine tries to PXE boot it does not get the reserved IP and it 
does not boot the PXE image. If I configure the same reservation in the 
kea.conf itself PXE boot works fine.

I did not find any format specification how to store the data above 
correctly in the database. Specially the dhcp_identifier could be wrong 
I think.

I already enabled the MySQL general log and there I can see a lot of 
queries from the KEA server, so the database connections seems to be fine.

Can someone help with that?

Regards, Christian

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