[Kea-users] DDNS/TSIG bug in Kea fixed?

MRob mrobti at insiberia.net
Wed Nov 16 07:11:09 UTC 2016

Hi, I think I'm seeing this bug with TSIG signed DDNS updates:


On a new ADD, an error is reported, but PowerDNS does execute the update 

I was prepared to ignore the problem for now but I think when a change 
is needed, it sends a DELETE, which succeeds, but because the response 
is seen as a failure, the add/replace new value is not attempted.

That's a bit of a guess; does it sound right?

I've had to use Kea compiled from source, but would prefer not to do the 
same for PowerDNS, and the bug report sounds as if Kea were fixed, it 
would not evoke the PowerDNS bug.

Is the bleeding edge Kea code fixed in this regard?

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