[Kea-users] Logging functionality and documentation

SoupNazi izaNpuoS soupnazi34 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 17:51:31 UTC 2016


It appears that there are some discrepancies between the documentation (
http://kea.isc.org/docs/kea-guide.html#logging) and the actual way the
logging works in Kea.

I have been attempting to split off logging of kea-dhcp6 to a separate log
file.  I have encountered some problems:

According to the documentation, the facility used is local0  by default.
It doesn't seem to be.  The facility as seen by rsyslog on CentOS 7 is user.

Further, there appears to be no way to change the facility.  The
documentation claims that you can use the KEA_LOGGER_DESTINATION=syslog[:
*fac*] environment variable to change the facility.  This variable appears
to only changes the name of the daemon that did the logging.  This is the
same behavior that the output_options under Logging{} does.

In order to successfully have good control over logging while using syslog,
we will need to have access to changing the facility so that we can make it
anything local0-local7.  That way we can setup specific log files for
certain aspects of the Kea DHCP server.

I am aware that with rsyslog, I can setup matches for names where I could
send all logs that contain "kea", for example, to a specific file.  Not all
systems I manage run rsyslog, however, as some run sysklogd where this is
not possible.

Is it on your radar to expose the ability to change the logging facility in
Kea in the future?
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