[Kea-users] Host Reservations and Subnets

Rui Pedro Caldeira rpcaldeira at outlook.com
Tue Oct 4 07:22:04 UTC 2016

Hello Kea users list, I once seek your guidence.

I'm currently building a system that does not rely in the notion of subnet. Instead relies purely on host reservations via relays that can assign any IP possible. I can see that version 1.1.0 brought very nice features like library parameterization, reservations via DCHP option 82 relay data (section 7.3 of Kea Administrator Reference Manual) and the possibility to insert options (such as default gateway) in the reservation itself (section 7.3 of Kea Administrator Reference Manual). My question is if I can configure Kea only with reservations (without subnets)?

Thanks in advance,

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