[Kea-users] kea Issues

Власюк Роман r.vlasyuk at lanet.ua
Mon Oct 10 14:36:41 UTC 2016


While testing kea dhcp server 1.1.0 version I have collected some 
questions about some of the functions.

1) I can not assign an address pool for subnet that is not included to 
subnet range. It is not very useful for some of our goals. Will it be an 
opportunity to use an address pool, not from the range of configured 

2) There is no opportunity to set different lease time, renew time and 
rebind time for different networks, classes or clients. These options 
could be assigned just globally, but there is a strong need to set 
different lease time to different group of clients. The same issue is 
related to subnet mask.
Will it be fixed in next realizations of kea?

3) How can I use reserved options for group of clients (subnet, class) 
in MySQL tab? While using entries for options without host_id, it takes 
no effect. Host gets needed option just after setting correct host_id in 
to MySQL entry.

Roman Vlasyuk/

С уважением, Власюк Роман, администратор отдела сетевых сервисов
ООО "Ланет Нетворк", г. Киев, www.lanet.ua, AS39608
(+38 044) 500-43-31, (+38 050) 339-76-68

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