[Kea-users] Host Reservations flexability

Jason Guy jguy at cumulusnetworks.com
Thu Apr 13 16:57:54 UTC 2017

Hi folks,

Well, I re-read a few threads related to using the host reservations to
only supply hostnames for specific known hwaddrs. We have many devices in
the lab, and frequently move devices in the racks, erase and reinstall, so
the hwaddr is the only constant. Each rack of equipment has a separate
top-of-rack switch and subnet, so specifying the subnet_id in the host
table is not useful. Ultimately it seemed logical that if a subnet_id was
NOT specified, the hwaddr would be globally known.

Currently I am using Kea 1.1, and like in the other email threads,
specifying ONLY the hostname and hwaddress in the host table does not work.
However, if I add a subnet id, things start working. Is there any way
(aside from using Hooks), to have the server do an unconstrained lookup in
the host table for the incoming hwaddr? Something like this:
SELECT * FROM host WHERE dhcp_identifier = 'discovery_hwaddr' LIMIT 1

Even if there was a well-known subnet_id that is used for unassigned host
entries, it would be good. Seems to me that the subnet_id for a host entry
should be a mandatory field, if it is not usable when left NULL.

Other than this little snag, I really like Kea, and I think it is a HUGE
step forward. I am using it with PowerDNS, and it is nice having everything
in a database. :)

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