[Kea-users] Subclass and include files

Tomek Mrugalski tomasz at isc.org
Tue Oct 17 21:39:47 UTC 2017

On 17/10/2017 19:58, Sten Carlsen wrote:
> I use subclass for keeping a list of devices that are allowed to be 
> given an address and depending on the class they match, they will be 
> given a gateway or not (I want some devices to NOT be able to 
> communicate to the Internet). Devices that do not belong to any class 
> are given an address in a different subnet with no routing to the 
> general network.
You should look at host reservations. You can define host reservations 
that consist of a mac address and a class name. Kea will pick the 
reservation and then assign the device to a class (or classes).

You can then specify a class and routers option for it. Just don't 
specify any expression for it. The only way for a client to be assigned 
to that class would be through matching host reservation.

> I don't find an equivalent to this in Kea, so how would be the best way 
> to translate my subclass statements to "something" in Kea?
There's no specific equivalent of subclasses. Years ago I was told that 
subsclasses were developed as a workaround for the class limitations. 
Kea's implementation of classes is in principle more flexible (e.g. 
there are no limits to how many classes a packet could belong), so it's 
unlikely that subclasses would ever be implemented.

> Today I use a separate file for defining all the subclass members and 
> include that in the main configuration file, so I only edit that file 
> when a new device is added. Can a file be included into the main 
> configuration in Kea?
Sure, you can do that. Put host reservations in separate file and 
include it, as Jason suggested.

> At some day in the future I expect to use a MySql database as the main 
> storage, but not right now. The future also brings ipV6 configuration.
This will scale up nicely once you start using MySQL (or Postgres) as 
you can keep host reservations in those DBs.


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