[Kea-users] lease4 table additional connection to mysql

sven.roehrig at web.de sven.roehrig at web.de
Tue Dec 4 12:06:38 UTC 2018

currently I'm working on a hook for kea dhcpv4 to differentiate between
privileged/unprivileged leases.
I'm reading the hardware address and relay agent id (dhcp option 82) out in
the pkt4_send hook and save it for use in the pkt4_receive hook.
In the latter I want to check if the hardware address exists in the lease4
table or in case it doesn't, check for the relay agent id. Next step would
be to set an privileged/unknown class depending on the existance of the
My question is, is there a more elegant way to check if a lease exists than
using an additional connection to the mysql server and querying the table?
E.g. using the kea engine to check?
Thanks in advance.


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