[Kea-users] KEA MySQL Cluster

Jordan Tinsley jtinsley at lrecok.coop
Tue Dec 11 19:02:24 UTC 2018



I have a question.


I currently have 2 Kea servers that run MySQL locally.  Each server contains
subnet pools for 2 separate vLANS ( Server 1 - vLANs 1 & 2, Server 2 - vLANs
3 & 4).  In the future, I may build more Kea servers (such as each vLAN will
have a couple servers for redundancy)  as well as build MySQL clusters for
each vLAN and their servers.


Is it possible to start off in this scenario and then add the databases to a
cluster and retain some data from the databases from each vLAN?


Or will I have to start over from scratch on database data when adding


Never have setup a cluster nor redundant databases before.





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