[Kea-users] Kea 1.5.0 released!

Wlodek Wencel wlodek at isc.org
Fri Dec 14 22:16:06 UTC 2018

On behalf of ISC and Kea team I'm pleased to announce that
new version 1.5.0 is released and available to use!

Welcome to Kea 1.5.0. Kea is a DHCP implementation developed by Internet
Systems Consortium, Inc. that features fully functional DHCPv4 and
DHCPv6 servers, a dynamic DNS update daemon, a Control Agent (CA) that
provides a REST API to control the DHCP servers, an example shell client
to connect to the CA, a daemon that is able to retrieve YANG
configuration and updates from Sysrepo, and a DHCP performance
measurement tool. Both DHCP servers fully support server discovery,
address assignment, renewal, rebinding, release, decline, information
request, DNS updates, client classification and host reservations. The
DHCPv6 server also supports prefix delegation. Lease information can be
stored in a MySQL, PostgreSQL or Cassandra database; it can also be
stored in a CSV file. Host reservations can be stored in a configuration
file; they can also be stored in a MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Cassandra
database and, to some degree, also retrieved from a RADIUS server. Kea
DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 daemons provide support for YANG models, which are
stored in a Sysrepo datastore and can be configured via the NETCONF

The major new features and changes in this version are:

**YANG models** - YANG https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6020 is a popular
configuration language that uses models to define the configuration
syntax for various networking devices (similar to database schema). You
can store actual device configurations in that model (think of this as
data stored in your database). This configuration can be modified using
either local command line tools (such as *sysrepocfg*) or remotely using
the NETCONF https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6241 protocol. Kea
1.5.0-beta1 introduced support for Sysrepo http://www.sysrepo.org/,
which provides YANG models and YANG configuration storage. Sysrepo
supports both startup and running datastores. This may become very
useful if you want to experiment with your Kea configuration, but don't
want want to commit it permanently.

   A new daemon, kea-netconf, has been introduced in this release. It
provides three services. First, it can load the initial configuration
from the Sysrepo startup datastore and then apply it to Kea DHCPv4
and/or DHCPv6 servers. Second, it can monitor the running datastore and
pick up any changes that may appear. Third, before you commit any
changes to Sysrepo, it can retrieve the proposed configuration from
Sysrepo, send it to the Kea DHCP servers using config-test and then
report back to Sysrepo whether the new configuration is valid or should
be rejected.

   YANG and NETCONF is a complex environment. This is the first release
and we are hoping to expand Kea capabilities in future versions. We
currently have four models defined (kea-dhcp4-server, kea-dhcp6-server,
kea-dhcp-ddns, and kea-ctrl-agent), but only the first two are
supported. Shared definitions are in the kea-types, kea-logging and
kea-dhcp-types modules. Beta testers using CentOS may find installation
notes for NETCONF on CentOS https://kb.isc.org/docs/kea-build-on-centos

   The YANG modules have changed between beta1 and beta2. If you are
upgrading, make sure you have reinstalled the modules. The Kea-netconf
daemon now checks YANG modules versions. This means that if you are
upgrading from beta1 or beta2 and forget to reinstall updated YANG
modules, Kea will spot this and will refuse to run. This is much better
than the previous behavior, where it started and then threw random
errors every time it encountered module incompatibility.

   Also note that Kea implements support for Sysrepo, which is a YANG
model and configuration storage. It can be used using local commands,
but does not provide a native NETCONF interface. However, Netopeer2 can
be installed to expose configurations stored in Sysrepo via NETCONF. See
the Sysrepo and Netopeer2 documentation for details.

**Global host reservations** - Kea 1.5 introduces support for global
host reservations. Previously reservations were always subnet specific,
so if you had a mobile client visiting 10 networks and you wanted to
reserve something, such as special options or parameter values, you
would have to create 10 reservations. Now it is possible to specify that
certain subnets (or even all of them) should use global reservations.
Caution is advised when assigning addresses this way. Kea does not check
the correctness of the addresses being reserved, so this feature is
mostly intended to be used for options and other configuration
parameters, not addresses.

**Congestion control** - Older Kea versions had no notion of congestion
control and used to process packets in first-in first-out order. When
overloaded with traffic, Kea effectively kept responding to the oldest
packets first, which was likely to trigger an avalanche of
retransmissions. What's worse, when the buffer was full new packets were
discarded and older, possibly stale packets were kept. Kea 1.5.0 now
supports congestion control that by default implements a ring buffer
with a controllable size. This means that in cases where Kea is not able
to keep up, the oldest packets are discarded while newer packets are
kept. This approach should improve response times and help avoid client

  The response time is now affected by the ring buffer size. This
feature changes how Kea behaves under heavy load and has performance
implications. There is no single default value here that would work best
for all environments. We are hoping to get some feedback from users how
this feature behaves. Please share your feedback on kea-users. Make sure
to read the "Congestion control in DHCPv4 and DHCPv6" section in the
User's Guide. You may also want to look at this wiki page
 which is expected to be updated frequently.

  Initial testing has shown that this new feature reduces throughput at
very high congestion levels, although at lower congestion levels it
ensures Kea is focused on processing current, rather than stale,
queries. In Kea 1.5.0 final, this feature is available, but disabled by
**High Availability improvements** - High Availability was introduced
in 1.4.0. Release 1.5.0 brings in a number of performance, resiliency
and overall robustness improvements. A new mechanism has been introduced
that synchronizes leases in chunks rather than all of them at once. This
approach makes it possible to synchronize large subnets without risking
timeouts. Some timeouts are now configurable. A sanity mechanism has
been implemented that checks leases being loaded from a file or received
from an HA partner. Depending on its configuration it can be forgiving
(accepts leases and prints warnings if they don't match the current
configuration), merciless (reject anything that doesn't match current
the configuration) or helpful (will try to fix certain lease aspects so
that they match the current configuration).

**Configuration Backend design** - The Configuration Backend feature
is now planned for Kea 1.6.0. It will provide the ability to use a
database as a source of configuration information for the Kea DHCP
servers. Even though the Configuration Backend is not functional in the
Kea 1.5.0 release, the design for this feature was created and some
basic elements implementing this design are included in the current
version. The most prominent change is the update of the MySQL schema to
include new tables, constraints and indexes to be used by the
Configuration Backend feature once it is implemented. These elements are
currently unused, but they will be created in the existing database
instances once the MySQL database is upgraded to the version supported
by Kea 1.5.0 release. The design of the Configuration Backend is
available at

**Authoritative flag for DHCPv4** - This popular feature of ISC DHCP now
comes to Kea. The Kea DHCPv4 server now provides a flag that determines
whether the server is authoritative or not. This lets two servers
coexist on the same link without NAKing each other's clients. Thanks to
Sebastian Schrader for submitting a high-quality patch implementing this

**User contexts in leases** - Lease objects and lease backends can now
store additional 'user context'. The User context can be any arbitrary
data as long as it is in JSON map format. Database schemas were updated
to accommodate this.

**New REST API documentation** - By popular demand, the Kea team spent
some time documenting the existing RESTFul and control channel API. Kea
now supports 71 commands and each of them has its own section that
includes an overview, a list of daemons that support it, the hook
library name (if provided by a hook), the first Kea version where it
appeared, and the syntax of both the command and the response (although
the responses are not fully documented for some commands yet). Lists
ordered alphabetically by server and by hook are provided.

**Client classification commands** - A new Kea extension library,
Class_cmds, enables listing, adding, updating, and deleting client
classes configured for a given DHCPv4 or DHCPv6 server. This hooks
library is available to support subscribers only.

**Database configuration tweak** - reconnect-wait-time, a database
configuration parameter that governs how quickly Kea attempts to
reconnect has been modified. Previously for some backends it was
specified in seconds while for others in milliseconds. This has now been
unified and milliseconds are used everywhere. While upgrading, please
inspect this parameter in your configuration file. If it was specified
in seconds, simply multiply the value by 1000.

**YANG module version checking** - The Kea-netconf daemon now checks
YANG modules versions. This means that if you are upgrading from beta1
or beta2 and forget to reinstall updated YANG modules, Kea will spot
this and will refuse to run. This is much better than the previous
behavior, where it started and then threw random errors every time it
encountered module incompatibility.

**Dependency improvements** - Kea 1.5.0 is again able to be built with
older Boost versions. This may be a good news for CentOS and RHEL 7
users as they can now use the version of boost available in their system
packages and no longer need to install a recent version.

**Gitlab migration** - Since the last Kea release we have migrated the
Kea project to a new development system, at
https://gitlab.isc.org/isc-projects/kea. We are now tracking issues,
archiving design documentation and providing the source repo at this new
site. Our old Trac site is still available at https://oldkea.isc.org for

This release includes 133 issues addressed since 1.4.0 (72 in
1.5.0-beta1, 27 in 1.5.0-beta2 and 32 in 1.5.0-final).

## License
Kea 1.5.0 is released under the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.


The premium hook libraries are provided in source code form, under the
terms of an End User License Agreement (you are not permitted to

## Testing premium hooks

ISC Kea support customers will receive tickets inviting them to download
the premium hooks, which are included with the support subscription. If
you are interested in testing premium hooks and do not have a Kea
support contract, please contact info at isc dot org to request a trial

## Download

The Kea 1.5.0 source and PGP signature may be downloaded from:


The signature was generated with the ISC code signing key which is
available at


ISC provides detailed documentation, including installation instructions
and usage tutorials in the Kea Administrator Reference Manual.
Documentation is included with the installation or via
https://kb.isc.org/docs in HTML, plain text, or PDF formats.  ISC
maintains a public open source code tree, wiki, issue tracking system,
milestone planning and a roadmap at

Limitations and known issues with this release can be found at

We'd like users of this software to please let us know how it worked for
you and what operating system you tested on. Feel free to share your
configuration or use case.  Also we would like to hear whether the
documentation is adequate and accurate (please open tickets for
documentation omissions and errors). We want to hear from you even if
everything worked.

## Support

Professional support for Kea is available from ISC. We encourage all
professional users to consider this option: Kea maintenance is funded
with support subscriptions. For more information on ISC's DHCP software
support see https://www.isc.org/support/.  Free best-effort support is
provided by our user community via a mailing list. Information on all
public email lists is available at

If you have any comments or questions about working with Kea, please
share them to the Kea Users List
https://lists.isc.org/mailman/listinfo/kea-users.  Bugs and feature
requests may be submitted via the ticket tracking system at

## Changes

The following summarizes changes and important upgrade notes since the
previous release (1.5.0-beta2).

1506.    [build]        marcin
    Bumped up libraries version numbers for Kea 1.5.0 final release.
    (Gitlab #338,!168, git 551c5d704804d0ab2ea276e95dbae66b9d0f5561)

1505.    [bug]        marcin
    Corrected an issue in the lease_cmds hooks library which caused
    errors while adding leases with high lease expiration time value
    to the database. Many thanks to Shawn Routhier from Infoblox for
    finding and reporting the issue.
    (Gitlab #337,!167, git 3fcdc28814310ac93b3903897e952b3b60cfa0bc)

1504.    [bug]        fdupont
    Created separate control buffers for reception and transmission
    over UDP sockets.
    (Gitlab #327,!166, git cbb573858d7b1a4d2ba2316db457aa55ab037fc3)

1503.    [doc]        fdupont, marcin
    Updated "JSON Configuration" section of the Kea User's Guide.
    (Gitlab #198,!160, git 94c66b3c071d7bbf4b247bf57cd75ddcc343177e)

1502.    [bug]        fdupont
    Unicode parser for JSON structures has been improved. It now
    handles escape sequences better.
    (Gitlab #45,!40, git ba9b18cf2af66f8fb80e3dbbe13da11c99764588)

1501.    [func]        fdupont
    keactrl now supports kea-netconf. The new daemon is disabled by
    default. Please edit keactrl.conf (netconf=yes) if you want to
    start using it.
    (Gitlab #186,!163, git 8f7d556456891e7c675082f7e6cc88da71a92fee)

1500    [func, doc]    tmark
    Streamlined the isc::dhcp::PacketQueue interface and
    added a section on Congestion Handling to the developer's guide.
    (Gitlab #278,!162, git 0ce615f5da993ac90f675c5315ba7cb5c2ef3e1c)

1499.    [func]        tmark
    For Kea 1.5.0, congestion handling has been disabled by
    (Gitlab #277,!164, git 8d87c46a3cc7b7be4dd5f751b48449e92ee62d84)

1498.    [bug]        marcin
    Corrected behavior of the DHCP servers with respect to the
    "reconnect-wait-time" parameter setting. This parameter is
    specified in milliseconds, but the servers used to interpret
    it as specified in seconds.
    (Gitlab #173,!154, git 377f49e84ad6ebc91cbeac4116d24a15571c522d)

1497.    [func]        fdupont
    All YANG modules now have a revision specified. When starting,
    kea-netconf daemon will now check if the required modules are
    installed and have a proper revision. This should help spotting
    issues when migrating from older YANG modules.
    (Gitlab #204,!121, git 9e772e1472e073ee85924cfc706cb57a5e70a0b1)

1496.    [doc]        marcin
    Updated Kea documentation to reference RFC 8415, which is the
    new DHCPv6 specification. It obsoletes a number of RFCs:
    RFC 3315 (previous DHCPv6 specification), RFC 3633, RFC 3736,
    RFC 4242, RFC 7083, RFC 7283 and RFC 7550. Kea documentation
    now refers to RFC 8415 where appropriate instead of obsoleted
    (Gitlab #288,!158, git 974b033a8de7a8e671156c33efeb13d4ac847c96)

1495.    [bug]        marcin
    Corrected an issue in the Memfile lease backend which caused
    errors while reading leases with very long lifetimes. Many
    thanks to Shawn Routhier from Infoblox for finding and reporting
    the issue.
    (Gitlab #303,!151, git ab92ab6fcd414f1efc7c5de6a641274da7c04e92)

1494.    [bug]        marcin
    Kea servers reject commands with unsupported parameters.
    (Gitlab #253,!147, git 7fc55489887c0e8f32db5c1fe9f46fa1cc2a4407)

1493.    [bug]        marcin
    Names carried in DHCPv4 Client FQDN option, Hostname option and
    stored in the lease database are case insensitive.
    (Gitlab #86,!152, git d9e23e2a6a3114b1c87de9c881ef10cdb1e00c61)

The following summarizes changes and important upgrade notes since the
previous release (1.5.0-beta1).

1492.    [doc]        fdupont
    Added a step by step netconf operation example in the
    Kea Administrators's Guide.
    (Gitlab #195,!131, git 994a826caf3c1a9f5f84d8b703a3b202120e91b6)

1491.    [build]        tomek
    coroutine.hpp from Boost 1.68 has been added the Kea source.
    It is used only if the Boost library provided by the system
    is very old and does not include that header. This effectively
    reverts the change done in Kea 1.4.0.
    (Gitlab #293,!45, git df0f507b8b750c8dff1f537cad5b5748b7841852)

1491.    [build]        marcin
    Bumped up libraries version numbers for Kea 1.5.0 beta2 release.
    Also, generated logger message files are now installed with Kea.
    (Gitlab #62,!144, git 7dc8d73a58504fd81a49b1c54651388d53d98d53)

1490.    [bug]        marcin
    Applied fixes in Cassandra Host Manager which prevents Kea
    crash during an attempt to delete non-existing reservation.
    In particular, this crash was observed as a result of sending
    reservation-del command over RESTful API.
    (Gitlab #27,!138, git 8666ed4754ffd27f3aa46a2cf3e4b161a1d877ee)

1489.    [doc]        fdupont
    Added examples of global host reservations.
    (Gitlab #136, !143, git bee8b8620f849f6bcaf2b31c3b130bb371c6312c)

1488.    [doc]        marcin
    Added stat_cmds to the list of available hooks libraries.
    (Gitlab #85,!142, git 08615372b4f869fe61b13559efa33d0d9794d79b)

1487.    [doc]        marcin
    Corrected broken links and various typos in Kea documentation
    which had been identified during Kea 1.5.0 beta1 release
    (Gitlab #263,!137, git 79a224288efa1e1c51b0f2ec11ff646563b306e1)

1486.    [func]        tmark
    For Kea 1.5.0-beta2, congestion handling has been enabled by
    default. This was done to expose the feature to more testing.
    We will finalize the default setting prior to releasing Kea
    (Gitlab #276,!132, git fda1f985997412a58d3b4eee4a1ca0588d3f3beb)

1485.    [func]        fdupont
    Simplified and updated Kea YANG models. For instance the list of
    loggers was moved from the removed logging container to global
    config parameters.
    (Gitlab #204, !97, git 1de6c2987ec9067b7c1baa577c6dcd6ddd1b30fb)

1484.    [bug]        marcin
    Resolved issues with MySQL backend failing to insert a lease
    to the MariaDB database on OpenSUSE. This fix may also
    improve stability of the MySQL backend on other systems running
    (Gitlab #53,!125, git 038eddbc7b904289e4b74b5ef2406cb57f79a646)

1483.    [func]        tmark
    Use of congestion handling is now optional via the 'enable-queue'
    flag added to 'dhcp-queue-control'.  It is disabled by default.
    When disabled Kea's DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers will consume
    directly from interface sockets in the main thread (i.e. employs
    pre Kea 1.5 technique).
    (Gitlab #260, !120, git 9e304fae48d0d0658fd39a21aba9da528b4cc6f4)

1482.    [func]        fdupont
    The configuration parameter "reservation-mode" can be specified
    at global (new), subnet and shared network levels.
    (Gitlab #268,!126, git c72d381c39868308c7d11c7d4def3bdae0a0e04e)

1481.    [func]        fdupont
    Cleaned up the keatest-module YANG test module.
    (Gitlab #204,!98, git a830adcefd9306969216d35c51306df3610278bb)

1480.    [func]        fdupont
    The unused configuration parameter "always-include-fqdn"
    was removed. Configurations using it will be rejected as
    it is no longer recognized.
    (Gitlab #182,!128, git cafeba167e7c64370dd39eca4551f61acd89d3da)

1479.    [build]        fdupont
    Support for sysrepo 0.7.6 (and libyang 0.16-r2) was added.
    Previous versions of sysrepo (and libyang) are still supported.
    (Gitlab #176, !107, git 4304a10b21708afb2a7599c77bc7508a600333cb)

1478.    [bug]        marcin
    Performance improvements in the HTTP client code used in the
    Kea High Availability.
    (Gitlab #57,!122, git 7bd97af1f3d7670cd64cadf0d0cb9ddbe4e74909)

The following summarizes changes and important upgrade notes since the
previous release (1.4.0).

1477.    [build]        marcin
    Bumped up libraries version numbers for Kea 1.5.0 beta release.
    (Gitlab #261,!119, git 54d63139048e7fe2dd0384b547ed6f8b96ff0e8f)

1476.    [func]        tmark
    Added initial implementation of congestion handling to kea-dhcp4
    and kea-dhcpt6. This adds a new top level element to the server
    configurations, "dhcp-queue-control".  Both servers will now
    read client packets from interface sockets in a separate thread
    queueing them for server level processing.  For Kea 1.5-Beta
    this feature is always on.
    (Gitlab #42, !103, git 09d5ffebc8f9bfab2ab99c384eec9c3a3c915f39)

1475.    [func]        sebschrader
    Add authoritative feature for DHCPv4 from ISC DHCP: requests from
    unknown clients are dropped (default/previous behavior) or
    answered with DHCPNAK (new behevior with new authoritative flag
    set to true for the subnet). Patch proposed by Sebastian
    (Gitlab #66, !115, git 0fc1b767826f214475025d8631227970de368de5)

1474.    [doc]        godfryd
    Updated list of supported operating systems.
    (Gitlab #205, !109, git 73253af554cf48434798282f8440a99b1494fd04)

1473.    [doc]        tomek
    Outdated FAQ section removed from the User's Guide.
    (Gitlab #118, !113, git 7d079384bd5f49e0e36a571ee964bfd7d6ebd25d)

1472.    [bug]        marcin
    Timeout is now reported by the HTTP client when connecting to
    the server
    takes too long. This eliminates HTTP client hangs when firewall
    is misconfigured and causes connection to never be established.
    This issue was found during Kea High Availability testing.
    (Gitlab #26,!106, git 9724823f160af0ef5e8ccdf779087ff08a04457a)

1471.    [bug]        lmasarati
    Fixed a bug in kea-admin that ignored specified remote hostname.
    Thank you to lmasarati and Thorsten Krohn for reporting it and
    proposing a patch!
    (Gitlab #61, #138, !114, git

1470.    [func]        marcin
    Improved lease database synchronization mechanisms in High
    Availability hooks library. The new implementation uses
    lease4-get-page and lease6-get-page commands to fetch leases
    from the partner server. This prevents timeouts occurring
    during long synchronizations as well as decreases CPU and
    memory consumption on the HA enabled servers during lease
    database synchronization.
    (Gitlab #78,!85, git c54ea216463dcc6df693c96c4a5f82c0fbec2ff6)

1469.    [doc]        marcin, fdupont
    Documented new class_cmds premium library which is used
    to modify client class configuration of the DHCP servers.
    (Gitlab #64,!41, git c1c1d0b71496d81b330a8c1eb95996bbf634ada0)

1468.    [build]        wlodek
    make distcheck fix.
    (Gitlab #202, !111, git 5d8fb5f7af5fa36f4cb2b89f10631683b2e230d5)

1467.    [doc]        fdupont, tomek
    Doxygen errors fixed.
    (Gitlab #180,!93, git d12fb04d71c3b2d0e84ebb2c957334454b5705c4)

1466.    [func]        fdupont
    Added random number generation in services provided by
    the crypto library (and ultimately by the crypto backend,
    i.e. Botan or OpenSSL).
    (Gitlab #29,!9, git 609ddc69613dc828b3d93673d61a2c259c3944aa)

1465.    [build]        marcin
    Removed libkea-process dependency on MySQL, Postgres and
    Cassandra libraries.
    (Gitlab #194,!104, git bcce7d3c2226c10218d537c4688344c3b7f8c84a)

1464.    [build]        marcin
    Exclude mysql_cb hooks library from the Kea 1.5.0 release. This
    library will be added back in Kea 1.6.0 release.
    (Gitlab #93,!105, git 49572aa300ea2b25712d7e8cea0dd0df34faf7ee)

1463.    [bug]        tmark
    Added missing parsing logic for the reservation-mode value,
    "global", to kea-dhcp6.  The parsing logic was somehow omitted
    and caused kea-dhcp6 configuration parsing to fail on values
    of "global".
    (Gitlab #129,!55, git 00352d701f61274f0993b468a413af6c5623af3d)

1462.    [build,doc]    tomek,sgoldlust,vicky
    Kea REST API is now documented. Thanks to Suzanne Goldlust for
    providing descriptions for great majority of commands and to
    Vicky Risk for review and corrections. Also, docgen, a new
    tool for documentation generation has been written.
    (Gitlab #10,!3, git 5d2e4d6fcc182a19eafa895abc35b1aee599fd23)

1461.    [doc]        marcin, fdupont
    Added new sample configurations providing all parameters at
    the exception of host reservations for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers
    for testing of configuration managers.
    (Gitlab #130,!89, git 4bc7e0dbe4804f63c51d100a8f724327e3d3a936)

1460.    [func]        tmark
    While kea-dhcp4 and kea-dhcp6 configuration parsing supports
    configuration backend elements "server-tag" and "config-control",
    use of these parameters has been disabled. Developement of this
    feature will resume after Kea 1.5 release.
    (Gitlab #101,!87, git 4292a7ef7ab268826f846812e7320e1fe1fc46ef)

1459.    [func]        marcin
    Implemented libdhcp_mysql_cb hooks library which provides
    Configuration Backend functionality for MySQL.
    (Gitlab #93, git 98456608056b3361352b3127767138845eeb5d00)

1458.    [func]        fdupont
    Control sockets for kea-netconf has been implemented. The code is
    not functional yet, but the capability of the kea-netconf daemon
    to communicate with CA, D2, DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 daemons is there.
    (Gitlab #153,!60, git 11486e255aef704114645f8e7c5fee9c3abf9e76)

1457.    [func]        tmark
    Both kea-dhcp4 and kea-dhcp6 configuration parsing support new,
    server-level configuration elements "server-tag" and
    "config-control". While these elements will parse, they are
    not yet used by the servers.
    (Gitlab #32,!23, git c0727407da8d749d9fb51d873a725369800c967b)

1456.    [build]        tomek
    Extended Kea version is now stored in a separate file for
    build performance reasons.
    (Gitlab #137,!42, git 87479e979ca3d3025cb4129ace991a59e32e0f62)

1455.    [func]        fdupont
    Implemented hexstring(value, separator) operator that can be used
    in any expression, such as client classification, flex-id or
    RADIUS attribute.
    (Gitlab #67,!34, git 004d9a29db09b1c203c52e23585bd275c52095fa)

1454.    [func]        fdupont
    Unused interface-id and rapid-commit parameters removed from
    DHCPv4 parser.
    (Gitlab #116,!24, git 7e47292f10acb9179241c991d3591e9bfa47c37d)

1453.    [func]        marcin
    Updated MySQL schema to facilitate Kea Configuration Backend
    (Gitlab #89,!22, git e28c0c7b3e7a7729167cdad993f634ed1f0ac53b)

1452.    [func]        marcin
    Implemented libkea-cb library which includes basic class
    hierarchy for the Kea Configuration Backend.
    (Gitlab #28,!20, git fb5c031ecaf4182e56f62874e9a6bd4c1d755a77)

1451.    [build]        tmark
    Resolved a namespace issue with std::distance() in libdhcp++.cc
    when building with Boost 1.68.   Thanks to Huy Vu and Khem Raj
    for reporting and suggesting a fix.
    (Gitlab #109,!21, git 1fd301f998129e9926ffa35eac27768ae150633d)

1450.    [build]        tomek
    Dependencies improved. libkea-process no longer requires
    As a result, D2 and CA are no longer linked with libkea-dhcpsrv.
    (Gitlab #25,!14, git cdb3a6f2d98a303b80433df7e0d5698c77897b7f)

1449.    [func]        tmark
    Modified Kea 1.5.0 database upgrade scripts to convert
    subnet ID values of 0, to either null (MySQL and Postgres)
    or 0xFFFFFFFF (CQL), in existing host reservations. This
    is done to accomodate support for global host reservations.
    (Gitlab #15,!11, git 25b54fd9ced4c6d3a2c8ceff9cc7c866b56da2c1)

1448.    [build]*    marcin
    Created new Kea libraries: libkea-database, libkea-mysql,
    libkea-pgsql and libkea-cql. Some database specific code was
    moved from libkea-dhcpsrv to those new libraries.
    (Gitlab #92,!13, git 5feb6b8a53675c27715e9e8fbeb312bd6eb17547)

1447.    [doc]        tmark
    Updated Kea Administrators's Guide with discussions of the
    use of subnet ID parameters in hook library commands.
    (Gitlab #14,!15    git# 4a7da8069feab1e21132689a9368f8ccb4174683)

1446.    [func]        tmark
    kea-dhcp6 now supports global host reservations and a new
    global reservations-mode .  Prior to this reservations could
    only be specified per subnet.  This is supported by by Memfile,
    MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Cassandra host data sources.
    (Gitlab #13,!6, git# a5484c4d8852662be7da1e6e8b1d4c1a19e6502f)

1445.    [func]        tomek
    Implemented initial skeleton version of the kea-netconf tool.
    Currently it can't do anything, but the build system is now
    capable of detecting sysrepo (use --with-sysrepo in configure),
    there's a very basic documentation and unit-tests.
    (gitlab !1, git 89ff2093811d65220d99dc2a6516375c4ec953dc)

1444.    [bug]        tomek
    keactrl version tests now work properly on macOS.
    (Gitlab !5, git a8c385e1507ffd101f65b445783b0355b01decce)

1443.    [func]        tmark
    kea-dhcp4 now supports global host reservations and a new
    global reservations-mode .  Prior to this reservations could
    only be specified per subnet.  This is supported by by Memfile,
    MySQL,PostgreSQL,and Cassandra host data sources.
    (Trac #5705, git f991cffd06add941f8bf2937232f51d597623e21)

1442.   [func]        MayyaSunil
    Implemented new queries for IPv6 leases by DUID.
    (Github #99, git c20b5248da1283e596e35ad057ae242f4d613965)

1441.    [func]        marcin
    Added log message indicating that the control socket has been
    opened by a server.
    (Gitlab #8, git 3dbaf4917bea112466f1ee5726870c545950e114)

1440.    [func]        tmark
    The internal represenation of an "unused" subnet-id has been
    changed from zero to 0xFFFFFFFF. The largest, valid value for
    a subnet's ID is now 0xFFFFFFFE.  Three new constants have been
    added so subnet_id.h:


    which should be used in code/hooks in place of hard-coded values.
    (Trac #5704, git 90fe9ca2cd6f63bcc7168bdc3786677db57b65ec)

1439.    [func]        tomek
    keactrl and kea-admin tools can now report version.
    (Gitlab #9, git 4a00ab5d4b9ac9193fc5f924149aeaca7a88e2ef)

1438.    [func]        tomek
    subnet-id parameter is now optional in lease4-add, lease6-add,
    lease4-update and lease6-update commands. If not specified or
    its value is zero, Kea will attempt to figure out the correct
    value of subnet-id. If there is no matching subnet configured,
    the lease will be rejected.
    (Trac #5683, git a8ce7a78b5b294e6bce02de887552a1e4593db4e)

1437.    [func]        tomek
    DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers are now able to sanity check and
    possibly correct some inconsistencies in leases when loaded from
    disk (memfile). A new parameter to govern this behavior has been
    (Trac #5682, git 609bfa0a67caa91fac6834eb39260acfd19e3be4)

1436.   [func]      tmark
    Added two new configuration paramters to kea-dhcp4 and kea-dhcp6
    DhcpDdns sections: 'hostname-char-set' and
    These values (when not empty) are used by the server to sanitize
    host name and FQDN domain names sent by clients prior to using
    them to construct DNS names.
    (Trac #5680, git 32466ab3d4688e66c8c2f9fd24d4a98fcc871ff6)

1435.    [func]        marcin
    Implemented ha-continue command in HA hooks library and
    updated the Kea User's Guide with the information how to
    pause and resume the HA state machine.
    (Trac #5675, git 98a9bd4f6766ff2f53681d84d55c56988be4d501)

1434.   [func]      MayyaSunil
    Code added to support storage of Authentication key host
    reservation. There is no way to use the code yet.
    (Github #88, git 66602af46b1a7d9f4197b1f285c928bd9f80ba2b)

1433.    [func]        marcin
    Implemented state HA state machine pausing in the high
    availability hooks library.
    (Trac #5674, git b9f3f082c7a88fe98fa4545b9649193ceb5e3ef5)

1432.    [func]        MayyaSunil
    Code added to handle Authentication option in DHCPv6. There
    is no way to use this code yet.
    (Github #93, git 022dae4393da9e714678d52886d4f478ba308ba9)

1431.    [func]        marcin
    Implemented lease4-get-page and lease6-get-page commands
    in lease_cmds hooks library.
    (Trac #5651, git b056828212f7b206ff8bd07c097fd6f427d22d71)

1430.    [func]         fdupont
    Lease objects and lease backends are now able to store user
        context. User context can store an arbitrary data as long
        as it is in JSON format. Database schemas updated.
    (Trac #5584, git b0b7a198b99fd417466708c80cb7cc2162ae480c)

1429.    [bug]        marcin
    Removed memory leak in the DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers which
    occurred when hooks libraries where loaded.
    (Trac #5664, git 2584b902d2617089bfa7238133490ddd855aa77a)

1428.    [bug]        marcin
    Corrected behavior of the standby server in the HA hot-standby
    mode, which failed to monitor delays in responses to the
    DHCP queries sent to the primary server after the primary
    server became unavailable. This resulted in transition of
    the standby server to the partner-down state immediately
    after detecting interruption in communication with the
    primary over the control channel.
    (Trac #5654, git 7a83f05fe40fb1b6812b055e2d6d633d9e00160c)

Thank you again to everyone who assisted us in making this release
possible. If you would like to contribute to ISC to assist us in
continuing to make quality open source software, please visit our
donations page at https://www.isc.org/donate-to-isc/.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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