[Kea-users] DHCPv6 Reconfigure?

Templin (US), Fred L Fred.L.Templin at boeing.com
Mon Dec 17 21:59:54 UTC 2018

Hi Tomek,

Thanks for the response. It sounds like there are no technical issues that would
prevent the implementation of Reconfigure in kea - rather, it is a prioritization
and resource question which is always the case for any large software distribution.
Do I have that right?

I do not have a pressing need for the functionality at the moment, but that may
change as we get further down the road in 2019. For now, I just wanted to
verify that there are no technical issues that are preventing the implementation
and I think I have my answer.

Thanks - Fred

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> On 17/12/2018 17:21, Templin (US), Fred L wrote:
> > Hi, does kea have support for DHCPv6 "Reconfigure" messaging?
> No. One of the GSOC projects in 2019 was to implement reconfigure. That
> project made significant progress and implemented major parts of the
> code, but there is still non-trivial part to be reviewed and to be written.
> > And, are there any client implementations that exercise it?
> AFAICT reconfigure is mandatory in docsis 3.0, so any cable modem that
> claims docsis 3.0 compliance is supposed to support it.
> The only other implementation I'm aware of that supports it is Dibbler.
> I happen to be an author of that project. However, it was my hobby
> project I was doing in my spare time and it is not longer supported (for
> any stretch of that word). If you want to do some experiments with it
> and it works - great. If it doesn't... there won't be anyone to help.
> Tomek
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