[Kea-users] How can I ignore the CID data with Kea 1.4.0-P1?

Batuhan BAKIP bakip at itu.edu.tr
Sat Oct 20 23:37:33 UTC 2018

>I know there is a problem with the device. But how can I ignore the cid
>with Kea 1.4.0-P1? 
>I tried the match-client-id and echo-client-id parameters, but I was not

Your client is probably normal. "match-client-id" works normally.



>I have a device that needs to be booted over the server. However, this

>device does not send cid data in the dhcp discover package it sent during



This behaviur is normal for pxe boot but I have same problem for wyse
clients. I have no problem on ISC DHCP 4.2.5 for wyse clients but wyse
options don't work on KEA 1.4.0-p1 version. 


I was define wyse options; option 161 -> ftp url, option 162 -> ftp path,
option 184 -> ftp user, option 185 -> ftp password 


If I define just this options, dhcp server send offer but wyse client cannot
send request. (I am sure offer packet is received wyse client).


Offer packet for this condition:


          Your-IP x.x.x.x

          Gateway-IP x.x.x.x

          Client-Ethernet-Address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

          Vendor-rfc1048 Extensions

            Magic Cookie 0x63825363

            Subnet-Mask Option 1, length 4: x.x.x.x

            Default-Gateway Option 3, length 4: x.x.x.x

            Domain-Name-Server Option 6, length 8: x.x.x.x, x.x.x.x

            Lease-Time Option 51, length 4: 40

            DHCP-Message Option 53, length 1: Offer

            Server-ID Option 54, length 4: x.x.x.x

            RN Option 58, length 4: 10

            RB Option 59, length 4: 20

            MUD-URL Option 161, length 14: "ftp.example.com"

            T162 Option 162, length 15: xx.xx.xx.xx

            T184 Option 184, length 9: xx.xx.xx.xx.xx

            T185 Option 185, length 10: xx.xx.xx.xx.xx

            Agent-Information Option 82, length 17:

              Circuit-ID SubOption 1, length 6: xxxxxx

              Remote-ID SubOption 2, length 7: xxxxx

            END Option 255, length 0


If I add "boot-file-name" in subnet configuration, wyse client take IP when
pxe boot. However, wyse client don't take wyse options, already I don't want
to give boot-file-name. Normally, request packet didn't include wyse


Offer/ACK packet for this condition:


         Your-IP x.x.x.x

          Gateway-IP x.x.x.x

          Client-Ethernet-Address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

          file "example boot-file-name"[|bootp]


Do you chance try this options for wyse client? Maybe it is bug, maybe kea
make problem for this options. 


Thank you,

Best Regards.

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