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Thu Oct 25 13:52:51 UTC 2018



on our old isc-dhcp config we are using subclasses to allow CPE´s that are
connected behind a CableModem to get a public IP only if the CableModem  has
a valid host-reservation configured.

In isc-dhcp we have a client class like this:

class "privileged" {

match option agent.remote-id;


set as subclass in host-reservation for the CableModem.


Only CPE´s that match the class privileged are allowed to get a public IP.


Since subclasses are not implemented in KEA could someone guide me how to
solve this in KEA 1.4?


I need something like:


"client-classes": [


                        "name": "PRIVILEGED",                        

                        "test": "relay4[2].member(KNOWN)"



Thank you in advance


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