[Kea-users] Duplicate Addresses, address pool exhaustion with DHCPDECLINE flood

Kari Karvonen kari.karvonen at kasenet.fi
Wed Apr 17 12:56:44 UTC 2019


If there is faulty DHCP-client on a network that keeps requesting IP's
and after receiveing IP-offer client sends DHCPDECLINE and DHCP-server
marks IP-address as declined for 24 hours. If client keeps repeating
this, address after address will be marked as declined and soon entire
DHCP-pool is exhausted.

I looked Kea 1.5.0 user guide and found that it is possible to shorted
decline time

  "decline-probation-period": 3600

But is there something else on dhcp-server side to prevent this kind of

Kari Karvonen
Network specialist

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