[Kea-users] lease4_select hook

raj raj.rajdip89 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 08:30:58 UTC 2019


I want to add lease4_select hook for following step.

1) On dhcp lease request, the hook should check whether selected ipaddress
by Kea is not in Mac Address Table

2) If it is not inside Mac Table, don't do any changes.
3) If it is already in Mac Table, 
  3.1) Select new ipaddress 
  3.2) Validate whether new selected ipaddress is not present in Kea
database or Mac address
  3.3) Assign address if 3.2) is good
  3.4) If new address is already present, start from 3.1)

Can someone please help me to how to perform steps for 3.1) and 3.2) ?

I don't know how to access Kea's main AllocatorEngine functions to get new
ipaddress as well as current lease database states.

Many Thanks,
Rajdip Patel

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