[Kea-users] Host reservations, bootfilename and client classes

mkangelo angel.rushkov at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 14:46:13 UTC 2019

Hi guys,

We are evaluating KEA (premium) as a potential replacement for our current
DHCP infra, and we have few concerns over the following:

1. Is it possible to have a custom bootFilename (option 67) set per host
reservation while it references to a single client class? (this should not
be part of the subnets).

2. Is it possible to prioritise bootFilename from a class (even if there is
already a bootFilename set in the reservation) based on the matching client
option (example 60, 77) ?

To clarify:

- We need clients that have option 77 to receive bootFilename from a
reservation and in case it doesn't have option 77 and matches just option 60
to receive bootFilename from that class.

- There will be multiple classes configured, and we'd like the host
reservations to be stored in a SQL database

I'd appreciate some feedback.

Example JSON config (classes and reservation - used for testing):

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