[Kea-users] log the dhcp options the client requests

Tomek Mrugalski tomasz at isc.org
Thu Aug 22 11:54:31 UTC 2019

On 22.08.2019 13:16, Munroe Sollog wrote:
> Just a bump to see if any progress has been made in allowing servers
> to log the options a client requests.
Thanks for bringing this up. That's interesting and a bit dangerous
request, especially if misconfigured.

What exactly would you like to see in the log? Content of PRL or ORO
options, i.e. a list of options being requested or the actual content of
all options the client sent in its messages?

Take a look at the loggers we currently have:

In particular, you may look at kea-dhcp{4,6}.packets. If you're trying
to debug a client that his packets are rejects,
kea-dhcp{4,6}.bad-packets is something to look at. Also, there's
kea-dhcp4.options logger.

If none of those work for you, can you open an issue in gitlab?



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