[Kea-users] DDNS subsequent failure after successful CHG_ADD

MRob mrobti at insiberia.net
Wed Feb 6 16:52:41 UTC 2019

Initial forward and reverse DNSUPDATE commands succeed:

DHCP_DDNS_ADD_SUCCEEDED DHCP_DDNS Request ID xxx: successfully added the 
DNS mapping addition for this request: Type: 0 (CHG_ADD)

But Kea does another CHG_ADD only a minute later and it fails:

DHCP_DDNS_FORWARD_REPLACE_REJECTED DNS Request ID yyy: Server, port:5353, rejected a DNS update request to replace the 
address mapping for FQDN, wkst7.lan., with an RCODE: 8
DHCP_DDNS_ADD_FAILED DHCP_DDNS Request ID yyy: Transaction outcome 
Status: Failed, Event: UPDATE_FAILED_EVT,  Forward change: failed,  
Reverse change: failed,  request: Type: 0 (CHG_ADD)

Is this a problem or can it be ignored? Is it due to setting 
"override-no-update": true and "override-client-update": true?

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