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Joelson Vendramin jtvendramin at yahoo.com.br
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As far as I know, KEA is just "echoing" in DHCP offer packets what it receives in DHCP discover packets.
Have you checked if your BAS is including an "empty" Option82 when forwarding the requests to your KEA server? If you don't use Option82 than you can disable it in your BAS configuration.

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 im  so sorry,first forgive my  bad english please!now the situation is  our bas server ,we use it as kea dhcp realy . however it is not working now ,and i think i already find the reason.this packet ,i was using the other dhcp server .we can get the ip addr form the dhcp server.now we use kea dhcp server,as you can see,the offer packet carry RAI option aka option 82. This option 82 length =0 ,this is a bad option ,so our bas server think this is incorrect ,our client can not get the ip addr from the kea dhcp .I am very worried now ,so i wand to ask ,how can i config ,make the kea dhcp give the offer packet without carry  the RAI option . Im sorry,im looking for https://ftp.isc.org/isc/kea/1.5.0/doc/kea-guide.html#dhcp4-option-data-defaults this page for a very long time,forgive me i cant find it out.thank you very much ! _______________________________________________
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