[Kea-users] ddns questions

BÖSCH Christian boesch at fhv.at
Mon Jan 7 13:28:10 UTC 2019


I’ve been starting to migrate my isc-dhcpd config to kea on a test server.
There are a couple of questions in mapping the behaviour to kea.
First of all I’ll start with DDNS (other topics will follow ;)

1. How can I specify a ddns-domainname per subnet, if I have multiple subnets,
and want to have different ddns-domainnames (let’s say wifi.domain.net <http://wlan.domain.net/> and lan.domain.net <http://lan.domain.net/>)?

In my old config I have two groups (for ddns domain lan and wifi):
But in kea there only seems to be one global “dhcp-ddns” section in "Dhcp4/6” to be possible
and not per subnet?

group {
  ddns-domainname "lan.domain.net";
  subnet netmask {
  subnet netmask {

2. How can I specify a custom reverse ddns-domainname?
I couldn’t find the equivalent to ddns-rev-domainname "128-191.21.172.in-addr.arpa.”; in kea?


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