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Juan Settecase - Interlink S.R.L. juan at interlink.com.ar
Tue Jan 22 14:08:20 UTC 2019

Hi and Thanks Francis!

I had already tested "class guard" using member'<class>', but can't get 
it work as i want. I send to you my config example:

I have a host on class  "notice", but kea offer  IP from 10.42/16...and 
i don't want give that IP...i haven't a subnet for "notice" class

     "Dhcp4": {
      "client-classes": [
                 "name": "active"
                 "name": "suspend"
                 "name": "notice"
             },            {
                 "name": "active-suspend",
                 "test": "member('active') or member('suspend')",
                 "only-if-required": true

      "subnet4": [
                 "subnet": "\/16",
                 "pools": [
                         "pool": " -"
             "require-client-classes": ["active-suspend"],
             // "client-class": "active-suspend", //I added this line 
too in one of my  test....but the host  in "notice" class still having 
ip from 10.42...

Is right? Can you help me?


El 21/1/19 a las 20:42, Francis Dupont escribió:
>> It's possible to match multiple classes for same subnet?
> => No. The initial design proposed black/white lists (as in ISC DHCP)
> but it was never implemented and the unique class guard is far simpler.
> You can build the class guard using the member'<class>' token in a boolean
> expression: it does the same without possible ambiguity.
> Regards
> Francis Dupont <fdupont at isc.org>
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