[Kea-users] Extracting vendor-specific suboptions in hooks

Tomek Mrugalski tomasz at isc.org
Fri Jul 12 13:50:01 UTC 2019

On 29/05/2019 22:32, Dave M wrote:
> My problem is with the hook. I want to dynamically assign the boot-file
> and server based on MAC address and model information (option 43,
> suboption 9) and potentially software version (option 43, suboption 6).
> I will therefore need to extract these in pkt4_receive and then replace
> the boot-file and server according to my logic in pkt4_send.
> I just don't know how to retrieve and parse the suboptions in option 43.
> Would anybody have sample code showing how I can extract these?
Questions about hooks development are generally better addressed at kea-dev.

You may want to take a look at
src/bin/dhcp4/tests/vendor_opts_unittest.cc and possibly also at
src/lib/dhcp/tests/option_vendor_unittest.cc Overall, you can do
something similar to this:

// check if there's option 43 in the packet.
Option4Ptr opt43 = pkt->getOption(DHO_VENDOR_ENCAPSULATED_OPTIONS);
if (!opt43) {

// Get suboption 6 from the option 43.
Option4Ptr subopt6 = opt43->getOption(6);

// If you have option definitions, you may want to try casting to
// specific type. That way you'll be able to use type specific, such
// as getValue() returning a string for OptionString.
boost::shared_ptr<OptionVendor> str_subopt6 =

if (str_subopt6) {
 cout << "opt 43,subopt 6 value is " << str_subopt6->getValue() << endl;

You may want to take a look at src/lib/dhcp/option_*.h files.

Hope that helps,

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