[Kea-users] Running out of leases - config/cleanup issue

Sten Carlsen stenc at s-carlsen.dk
Mon Jul 15 13:49:40 UTC 2019


I don't actually use Kea yet.
Included the list as more people might have better ideas.

On 15/07/2019 13.55, Haakon Storm Heen wrote:
> Hi Sten,
> and thanks for the fast reply!
>>>                         "pool": " -"
>> This is most likely a silly question but:
>> This address pool has 131 addresses, how many clients are there in the system?
>> Could your addresses be running out just because there are not enough?
> Sorry, I should have described the scenario better:
> - There are only about ~40 devices on the LAN side, including some of the users' iphones.
> - Ubiquiti Unifi network with 1 USG, 3 AC-AC-PRO and 1 UNIFI 48 port switch.
> - DNS is named, running in MacOS (the easy way, via dns-enabler)
> 2. I've now tried increasing the lease time, I saw it was very short, and now I have increased it
> to 24 hours, to see if the cleanup process goes better this way. 
I would copy the leases file when the problem is present and see what is
going on, sort it according to the IPs and check if all IPs are actually
used  and if the same device gets the same address or it always gets a
new one.

In general each device should get the same address when renewing. If one
or more devices get new addresses with every renewal, that is an area to
look at.

I am sure there are other ways to find out but I am not aware of these.
> 3. Regarding declaring the subnet, this is networking 101 but I'm not getting to terms with this,
> should it be:
> "subnet": "",
> or
> "subnet": "",
This form is used by the documentation, so that is the most safe bet.
> ? 
> - Different vendors use different notations. Ubiquiti, for one, include the gateway.
> - I think Kea sees these two as two different subnets and allocates accordingly, but I might be wrong.
> What do you use? Include the gw (.0) or no?
> Fortunately holiday at client site so have time to experiement. Not often :)
> --
>  Haakon Storm Heen

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