[Kea-users] Question on kea-ddns

mathiasAichinger mathias.aichinger at easysol.at
Wed Jun 19 18:27:15 UTC 2019

Hi Jason,

we are seeing the same issue. Have you found a solution? Our workaround at
the moment is to set the hostname in the lease to a different value which
gets overwritten by the hosts entry (causes an update)


Jason Guy wrote
> Hi Thomas,
> I am currently using 1.3 as well. The DDNS works great, though I found
> there are some cases where the DDNS to powerdns fails to update the entry
> if a previous one still exists. There does not seem to be any way to force
> the update by overwriting the existing one, even though Kea knows it just
> reused the lease. It is a corner case in a lab environment.

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