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 Yes,the packets from BAS to KEA have option82 value,it has Circuit ID and Remote ID.
as you can see, here it is.im not sure what another network element  between them,but only normal switcher,and we attempt another dhcp server,we can get 
 correct packet from  another dhcp server,so i think the problem in kea dhcp.
 i appreciate your reply.

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 Have you sniffed the packets from BAS to KEA?
 I think your BAS is sending an empty Option82 or there may be another network element between them that is trying to rewrite Option82.

 Maybe KEA is just echoing back the same Option82 that it receives.


 Joelson Vendramin



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   Hi all,

I wish you could help me with this.

I have a network where some Users connect to the Internet through PPPOE dial-up, they all Get the IP address from the KEA DHCP server. but When a DHCP sending
 offer packets,Users cannot receive them,because our relay agent "ME60" a bas of huawei device intercepted the offer packet,the reason is the offer packet with an empty string option82,
 How do I make it not return RAI option string or make kea dhcp return offer packet with normal option82 value, how can I achieve this.how can i configruate it ?thank you guys !
I would really appreciate your help.

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 主题: im lookling for help about kea dhcp!



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