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Try to check if your switch (between BAS and DHCP server) has some feature, like "dhcp snooping" that is trying to rebuild the Option82 sent by BAS.

I think the other DHCP server you are using is "unaware" of Relay Agent Information, so it ignores Option82 (that's why it is working for you). In the other hand, KEA is "aware" of Option82 and if KEA is receiving it empty it should reply it empty as well.

Please check section 2.2 of RFC 3046 (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3046):

   DHCP servers unaware of the Relay Agent Information option will
   ignore the option upon receive and will not echo it back on
   responses.  This is the specified server behavior for unknown

   DHCP servers claiming to support the Relay Agent Information option
   SHALL echo the entire contents of the Relay Agent Information option
   in all replies.  Servers SHOULD copy the Relay Agent Information
   option as the last DHCP option in the response.

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Yes,the packets from BAS to KEA have option82 value,it has Circuit ID and Remote ID.
as you can see, here it is.im not sure what another network element  between them,but only normal switcher,and we attempt another dhcp server,we can get 

correct packet from  another dhcp server,so i think the problem in kea dhcp.

i appreciate your reply.

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