[Kea-users] deny booting or ignore booting

Munroe Sollog mus3 at lehigh.edu
Thu Mar 21 19:00:59 UTC 2019

isc dhcpd supports the concept of "deny booting" or "ignore booting".  Kea
does not seem to support this concept.

>From time to time we need to ensure that a random device does not get a
valid lease and is thus prevented from accessing our network (we enforce
DHCP at the access layer).  I found this:


I'm not sure what to make of this, but I tried creating a host reservation
without an IP address and kea errors with:

specified reservation for DUID: hwtype=1 00:50:56:bf:d7:a5 must include at
least one resource, i.e. hostname, IPv4 address, IPv6 address/prefix,

Munroe Sollog
Senior Network Engineer
munroe at lehigh.edu
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