[Kea-users] problem with Postgres leases after upgrade (I think)

Tim Howe tim.h at bendtel.com
Wed May 1 00:35:29 UTC 2019

I had a working kea 1.3 server.  After upgrading to 1.5 and upgrading
my PostgreSQL schema, it appears as if Kea isn't able to correctly use
the new Pg schema(?)

The below errors seem to suggest that it doesn't like the data that is
in the hwtype column of the lease6 table.  In the database all that
data is blank (null?).

Is there some default value I can fill in that will allow it to get past this problem?

2019-04-30 17:12:11.800 DEBUG [kea-dhcp6.leases/10281] DHCP6_PROCESS_IA_NA_REQUEST duid=[00:03:00:01:c8:54:4b:54:e5:28], tid=0xcf349e: server is processing IA_NA option with iaid=1 and hint=(no hint)
2019-04-30 17:12:11.800 DEBUG [kea-dhcp6.dhcpsrv/10281] DHCPSRV_PGSQL_GET_IAID_DUID obtaining IPv4 leases for IAID 1 and DUID 00:03:00:01:c8:54:4b:54:e5:28, lease type 0
2019-04-30 17:12:11.801 ERROR [kea-dhcp6.alloc-engine/10281] ALLOC_ENGINE_V6_ALLOC_ERROR duid=[00:03:00:01:c8:54:4b:54:e5:28], tid=0xcf349e: error during attempt to allocate an IPv6 address: Could not convert data to Lease6, reason: Invalid data:[] for row: 0 col: 13,hwtype : bad lexical cast: source type value could not be interpreted as target
2019-04-30 17:12:11.801 DEBUG [kea-dhcp6.leases/10281] DHCP6_LEASE_ADVERT_FAIL duid=[00:03:00:01:c8:54:4b:54:e5:28], tid=0xcf349e: failed to advertise an address lease for iaid=1
2019-04-30 17:12:11.801 DEBUG [kea-dhcp6.options/10281] DHCP6_ADD_STATUS_CODE_FOR_IA duid=[00:03:00:01:c8:54:4b:54:e5:28], tid=0xcf349e: adding Status Code to IA with iaid=1: NoAddrsAvail(2) "Sorry, no address could be allocated."


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