[Kea-users] problem with INIT_REBOOT

oc objectivecpp at gmail.com
Fri May 3 21:29:50 UTC 2019

[new user]

We have multiple KEA servers hosted in our infrastructure (with shared lease
database). Most recently, we noticed that our DHCP clients failed to renew
their IP address as the KEA servers are rejecting INIT_REBOOT. It appears to
be an expected behavior for a KEA server to ignore INIT_REBOOT if the lease
was allocated by another KEA server.

In this particular case, even though all the KEA servers are running (and
are seeing INIT_REBOOT request), none of them respond to INIT_REBOOT

What could be causing this problem? No changes to KEA servers configuration.

We have another problem in the form of bad DHCP client implementation.
Unfortunately, our DHCP clients are not falling back to 4 way exchange to
get a new lease when they see no response to INIT_REBOOT. 

Is it possible for us to configure one of the other KEA servers to respond
to "INIT_REBOOT" as they all share the same lease database and have
information on the existing lease.


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