[Kea-users] use of option 82, relay4[1].hex

agiimaa.b agiimaa.b at unitel.mn
Thu May 23 07:41:32 UTC 2019

Hello All,

i'm trying to configure Kea 1.5 to tie clients to their locations (because customers shouldn't move their equipment to any other location).

 My sample configuration is below:

   "client-classes": [
      "name": "opt82",
      "test": "relay4.[1].hex == 485754435096C50A",

  "subnet4": [
        "pools": [
              "pool":  " -",
              "client-class": "opt82"

And returning error is:
DHCP4_INIT_FAIL failed to initialize Kea server: configuration error using file '/usr/local/etc/kea/kea-dhcp4.conf': expression: [relay4[1].hex == 485754435096C50A] error: <string>:1.18-29: Invalid value in 485754435096. Allowed range: 0..4294967295 at (/usr/local/etc/kea/kea-dhcp4.conf: 15:11)

Question is:
    * how can i express the switch's circuit-id?


    * any other suggestion on solution?

Any reply would be appreciated,
Thank you

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