[Kea-users] Specifying lease times at reservation or pool level

Gibbins, John (IM&T, Black Mountain) John.Gibbins at csiro.au
Sun Oct 13 10:12:23 UTC 2019

I am trying to configure a kea server as a pilot to replace an our ISC dhcpd servers.

We currently specify different default lease times for reservations than we do for pools, using much smaller lifetimes for pools.  We specify a default-lease-time for the subnet (or inherit a global value) to cover the reservations and override this for the pools within the subnets.  We do not include reservations within pools (in kea terms: "reservation-mode": "out-of-pool").

I gather from lists that this is not yet possible:
(https://lists.isc.org/mailman/htdig/kea-users/2017-March/000898.html, http://kea-users.7364.n8.nabble.com/Kea-users-lease-time-td384.html)

Are there any plans to implement this?  This could be a show stopper for our migration to kea, unless I can find a workaround.

Background:  We current run a dozen servers spread around the country with most hosts obtaining their address via a reservation with a long lease time, but visitors from a different site are given a short lease address from a pool which is restricted to a list of known machines via over 20,000 subclass definitions.  We run dual-stack across the organisation so want to do this for both IPv4 and IPv6 pools.


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