[Kea-users] Client class in host reservation

Maria Hrabosova maria.hrabosova at cern.ch
Fri Dec 11 16:42:00 UTC 2020


I have a question about reserving client classes to hosts. Let's have 
two client classes and one host reservation as follows:

//     "name": "class1",//
//     "boot-file-name": "file1",//
//}, /

//     "name": "class2",//
//     "boot-file-name": "file2",//



//    "hw-address": "aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff",//
//    "client-classes": [//
//        "class2"//
//    ]//

Intuitively, I would expect it to be enough to specify class2 in the 
host reservation in order to make the host get the boot-file-name from 
class2. But it gets it from class1. Inspired by 
I added the mac address of the host to the class test. Then the client 
got the option from class2 as I wanted.

//     "name": "class2",//
//     "test": "pkt4.mac == 0xaabbccddeeff",//
//     "boot-file-name": "file2",//

I've been wondering, what is the purpose of putting the client class to 
the host reservation, if I have to put the client's MAC address to the 
class test anyway. Can anyone clarify?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Maria Hrabosova

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